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Precognition - Psychic Ability


Precognition is a psychic ability possessed by psychics who know about an event before it happens. Precognition is also called "future sight". Precognitive psychics can be clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient. Respectively, precognitcive intuition can take the form of psychic visions, feelings, or audible messages.

Precognitive information that is perceived as emotion is called "presentiment".

Precognition is usually an unpredictable event, and therefore it is not good to count on precognition in times of need. That said, precognition can come in very handy in certain situations, and can even save lives.

In extreme cases, psychics can sometimes receive precognition about natural disasters, or dangerous situations, which allows them to alert the others who may otherwise be in harm's way.

However, these kinds of precognitive events are much less common than the small-scale precognitions that some psychics experience everyday.

There are psychics with highly-developed precognitive abilities who have minor precognitive visions several times every day. Of course, these psychics are not "all-knowing"-the inner eye certainly has its limits, but they are able to make small predictions extremely often due to their powerful precognitive abilities.

There are two different kinds of precognition. The first is called "definite precognition". As its name suggests, this is when a psychic receives a vision that something will definitely happen, no matter what anyone tries to do to stop it.

The second kind of precognition is called "dependent precognition". This is when a psychic receives a vision along the lines of "If this happens, this will be the outcome, but if that happens, the that will be the outcome." Simply put, this kind of precognition is like seeing a fork in the road; the psychic can see where both paths might lead.